PLEA 2012

28th International PLEA Conference


Towards an environmentally responsible architecture

LIMA, 7 - 9 NOVEMBER 2012

Microclimate Effects of Urban Geometry on Outdoor Thermal Comfort in the Brazilian Tropical Semi-arid Climate Tathiane Martins
Analyzing the Influence on Environmental Performance from Induced, Operational, and Embodied Impacts of Buildings: A Life-Cycle Based Assessment John Erik Anderson
Integration of Principles for Energy-efficient Architecture and Sustainable Facilities Management Antje Junghans
GENIUS: A tool for classifying and modelling evolution of urban typologies Marion Bonhomme
Comparative multi-criteria assessment of urban renewal scenarios for existing neighbourhoods Maria Riera
Redesigning Urban Open Spaces Based on Bioclimatic Criteria: Two squares in Thessaloniki, Greece Angeliki Chatzidimitriou
Sewri Ecological Park:A proposal for sustainable waterfront development at eastern bay of Mumbai Amol Rane
Solar Potential on Roofs: An Index for Different Urban Layouts Alessandra Curreli
Water Plus From informal to water-sustainable, from water-sustainable to water-provider Margarita Gomez-Galvarriato Freer
Environmental cross sectional tomography: a new approach to design and planning Federica Ottone
Compact City Concept: It’s Relevance and Applicability for Planning of Indian Cities Rajashree Kotharkar
Mixed Landuse and Sustainable Urban Development:A Case Study of Nagpur Rajashree Kotharkar
Smart Meters, Energy Matters. The Upton Homes Project. Nina Hormazabal Poblete
The London Urban Heat Island – upwind vegetation effects on local temperatures Richard Watkins
Effect of Building Form and Urban Pattern On Energy Consumption of Residential Buildings in Different Desert Climates Khaled El-deeb
Adaptive Use of Solar Energy through the Building Envelope Anatolijs Borodinecs
Urban sustainability in pedestrian malls in downtown areas. Case study of Bauru - Brazil Renata Cardoso Magagnin
Satisfaction of the solar bounding box constraints Khaoula Raboudi
Urban Agriculture in the Metropolitan Area of Santiago de Chile: An Enviromental Instrument to Create a Sustainable Urban Model Leticia Roubelat Marques
Socio-Spatial Diversity as a Strategy for Metropolitan Lima’s Urban Sustaintment, 2007 Graciela del Carmen Fernández de Córdova Gutiérrez
Green façades for urban comfort improvement Francesca Olivieri
Comparative analysis of energy efficiency and sustainable building certifications in Brazil Carolina Carol Telles
Ecological building design measures as a powerful leverage for social sustainability and vice versa: a 'real-life' perspective from grouped housing projects Bart Janssens
Two Designs for Sustainable Communities in Haiti John Carmody
A review of methods and tools available for environmental assessment at local territorial scale Eugenia Aumond Kuhn
Human Behaviour as a Function of Vegetable Coverings Lina María Muñoz Campillo
The Springer Thermal Behaviour of Roofing Coatings on Dry Period: application in a House in Campinas, Brazil. Carla Fernanda Barbosa Teixeira
Interference of Coating on Envelope in German Building Carla Fernanda Barbosa Teixeira
Characterization of summer thermal behaviour of “Class A” office buildings in Santiago, Chile. Claudio Vasquez Zaldivar
An integrated approach to physical building conditions and building occupant evaluations Jin Woo
The Thermal Comfort of Vernacular Skywell Dwellings in South-eastern China Zhongcheng Duan Ford
Thermal environment monitoring system for finding occupant permissible level for thermal environment Genku Kayo
Thermal Comfort in Outdoor Places: A multicultural perception Inji Kenawy
Reanalysing the ASHRAE RP-884 Database to Determine Thermal Comfort Criteria for Naturally Ventilated Buildings in Hot-Humid Climate Doris Hooi Chyee Toe
Environmental Control Strategies in the Buildings of “Baixa Pombalina” in Lisbon Manuel Correia Guedes
Adaptative thermal comfort studies in public buildings, Uruguay case of moderate climate Alicia Piccion
The Deciduous House: A design approach for energy efficient housing Filbert Musau
Totora: A Sustainable Insulation Material for the Andean Parts of Peru Liliana Ninaquispe Romero
How to improve eco-efficiency and indoor comfort at Universerity of Passo Fundo - Brazil Marcos Antonio Leite
Thermal Comfort in a Semi-Open Area: A Residence built as a Veranda with Green Roof Carla Matheus
Analysis of the Greek behavioural pattern in residences and its effect on thermal simulation estimates Aikaterini Drakou
Measured Indoor Environment and Energy Consumption Compared to Accepted Standards: A Case Study of Kirklees, Yorkshire, UK Mohamed Refaee
Adaptive thermal comfort for air-conditioned offices in a warm sub-humid climate Karen Martinez Torres
Thermal comfort and health conditions in air-conditioned offices in a warm and sub-humid climate Gabriel Gomez-azpeitia
The Impact of Building Regulations on Thermal Behaviour of Dwellings in New Urban Settlements around Cairo Wael Sheta Steve Sharples
The user as sensor to reach for optimal individual comfort and reduced energy consumption Wim Zeiler
Influence of a Waterbody in the Urban Microclimate Érico Masiero
Indoor Air Quality and Dwelling Air Tightness in a City Dependent on Wood Fuel as a Primary Energy Source Alejandra Pilar Cortes
Reduction of mean Radiant Temperature by cluster of trees in urban and architectural planning in Tropical Climates - The case of Campinas, Brazil Loyde Abreu
Visual Adaptability in Architecture. A physical and psychological approach. Carlos Alonso
Influence of the height of the line of sight in the evaluation of glare sensation in pre-school classrooms Natalia Giraldo Vasquez
Summer thermal environment and human comfort in public outdoor urban spaces in a Mediterranean climate (Athens) Ioannis Tsiros
Sizing window areas for daylighting and hybrid ventilation in commercial buildings Ricardo Forgiarini Rupp
Design Guidelines for Residential Envelope Openings in the Equatorial Tropics Maria Clara Betancourt
Impact of School Building Typologies on Visual, Thermal and Energy Performances Esteban Montenegro Iturra
Thermal comfort in open spaces: Different perception between workers and users of a street market Raquel Rancura
Building management for a good indoor climate and low energy use Frans Joosstens
Variable thermal comfort index for indoor work space in office buildings. A study in Germany Ernesto Kuchen
Questionnaire Design to Determine Children’s Thermal Sensation, Preference and Acceptability in the Classroom Shamila Haddad Haddad
An Investigation on Thermal Performance of Rocky Architecture Approaching Thermal Comfort with Less Energy Load Samira Aien
Outdoor central areas of Sao Paulo, Brazil: possibilities of thermal comfort Leonardo Monteiro Marques
Neutral humidity in low cost dwellings in arid climate Luis Carlos Herrera
Illumination Condition and Work Efficiency in the Tropics: Study on production spaces of Ready-made garments factories in Dhaka Mohataz Hossain
Climatic comfort in gardens and public squares of the city of Colima Reyna Valladares Anguiano
New Chilean Building Regulations and Energy Efficient Housing in Disaster Zones Daniela Besser Jelves
Human adaptive ability in social welfare housing in response to environmental conditions of a space Carlos Javier Esparza López
Outdoor thermal comfort and local climate change: exploring connections Roberta Cocci Grifoni
Mathematical model for thermal votes: two seasons comparison Irene Marincic
Evaluation of Natural Ventilation in Function of the Grouping of Children of Five Years in a Classroom of a Kindergarden in Medellin Viviana Castro
Thermo-hygric analysis of occupied social welfare housing in a warm sub-humid weather Carlos Javier Esparza López
The Characterization of Masses of Vegetation as Elements in Lighting Design - Test Method Adriane Sobreira Da Silva
Environmental performance of schools in areas of cultural sensitivity Maureen Trebilcock
Smart Green Roofs: Cooling with Variable Insulation Pablo La Roche Lopez
Architectural design strategies based on experimental analysis in office buildings in Santiago, Chile Waldo Bustamante Gomez
Analysis of environmental performance in a social housing: Housing complex at Conchalí, Santiago of Chile Paula Lelis Rabelo
Simplified life cycle assessment:Applied to structural insulated panels homes Juan Pablo Cardenas
Heat storage performance of the prefabricated hollow core concrete deck element with integrated microencapsulated phase change material: experimental vs theoretical thermal properties of PCM concrete Pomianowski Michal Zbigniew
Life Cycle Energy and CO2 Emissions in Unplanned Residential Buildings of Indonesia: A case study in Bandung Usep Surahman
An environmental review of wineries over the last centuries: from vernacular to high tech Carolina Ganem Karlen
Semi-Transparent Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Windows: Potential Energy Savings of Office Buildings in Tropical Singapore Poh Khai Ng
Sustainable Rehabilitation: Solutions of External Walls Maria Fernanda Rodrigues Da Silva
Optimisation of glazing area façade and glass type of a low-energy office building with CLT and concrete floor slab Madeline Leroux
Straw bale construction in a South American Mediterranean climate: Insitu measurements and physical test chambers in Chile’s Central Valley. Christopher James Whitman
Earth of the Andes: Comparing techniques and materials used in houses in San Pedro de Atacama Massimo Palme
Design for Deconstruction in UK timber framed dwellings Sophie Chisholm
Superficial temperatures in a house envelope made of concrete hollow blocks Irene Marincic
The influence of the shading of surroundings on the Brazilian label of energy efficiency Luciana Oliveira Fernandes
A Better Distinction for Standard Specifications of Low-E Coatings for Diverse Climate Conditions Christina M. Palmer
Natural ventilation in a traditional lattice in Colima, Mexico Adolfo Gomez Amador
Rehabilitation of Buildings in Historic Center. Sao Paulo Building, Sao Paulo, Brazil Rosio Fernández Baca Salcedo
Post Occupancy Evaluation for Energy and Environmental Retrofitting of Existing Social Housing in Chile: Development of performance-based strategies Paulina Wegertseder Martinez
Sustainable Weatherization Thomas Gentry
FACADE RETROFIT: Strategies for energy reduction in an office building in a mild climate Andrea Martinez Arias
Solid Waste Management for Schools in the Municipality of Alagoa Grande, Paraíba, Brazil Claudiana Maria Da
Master Plan for the Integral Management of Solid Waste in the Campus of the National University of Cuyo Peter Thomas
Construction and Sustainable Development: Recycling of construction and demolition waste Rachel Filgueiras Paschoalin
Waste Construction Management in Social Housing Proyects Eduardo Castillo Marín
The Importance of Recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste Tatiana Santos Saraiva
Performance Prediction for Direct Heat Gain Systems Considering the Outdoor Thermal Radiation Environment Hidenori Kawai
Proposing a Bottom-up End-use Energy Model for Chinese Residential Sector at City-Level Yuning Ou
Validating CFD Simulation Results: Wind flow around a surface mounted cube in a turbulent channel flow Islam Abohela
User preferences for a simple energy design tool: Capturing information through focus groups with architects Lieve Weytjens
A Design Tool for the Determination of the Energy Rating of Buildings Abraham Yezioro
Informed Parameterization: Optimization of building openings generation Manuel Correia Guedes
Simple design tool for development of well insulated window frames and optimization of the frame geometry Jan Zajas
Comparative Analysis of the Performance of Natural Lighting Software: A Case Study Manuel Correia Guedes
Building Certification 2.0 The German Sustainable Building Certification System in Practice Ma Heide
Solar Control using Openwork Walls: The Solar Applicability Range Jorge Hernán Salazar Trujillo
Energy labels in Dutch Dwellings: A comparison with the actual energy use Laure Itard
Investigations of a cost-optimal zero energy balance - A study case of a multifamily Net ZEB in Denmark Anna Marszal
A methodology to assess a sustainable evolution of the existing buildings to different user requirements Claudia Valderrama Ulloa
Summer comfort and building typologies in the real estate market: A probabilistic approach to the application of passive cooling techniques in apartments of Santiago de Chile Felipe Encinas Pino
Modelling issues for the energy simulation of a naturally ventilated building according to the Brazilian Labelling Program Italo Guimarães
Optimum design of low-cost housing in developing countries using nonsmooth simulation-based optimization Anh Tuan Nguyen
Design Evaluation and its Tools: Improving School Buildings in the State of São Paulo, Brazil Doris C.c.k. Kowaltowski
Thermal and luminous comfort in classrooms: a computer method to evaluate different solar control devices and its operating logics Antonio Carbonari
An online interactive tool for the energy assessment of residential buildings and transportation Anne-francoise Marique
Built-Form, Mass and Energy: Urban Fabric Performance Michele Morganti
Using Design Strategy Maps to Chart the Knowledge Base of Climatic Design: Nested levels of spatial complexity Mark DeKay
The Value Concept of Sustainable Buildings - what is it worth? Lone Feifer
Designerly ways of simulating: Using thermal simulation tools to solve architectural dilemmas. Raoni Venancio
Studies in Preliminary Design of Fenestration: Balancing daylight harvesting and energy consumption Geman Wu
A Targeted Evaluation of Energy Simulation Tools for Housing Design in Chile Rodrigo Garcia Alvarado
A Proposal for Passive, Low-Energy Artificial Skies Bruce Haglund
Proposal of an energy-environmental rating method for public buildings in Chile Luis Ariel Bobadilla
Ener-Habitat: Wall/Roof Envelope Thermal Performance Simulator Guillermo Barrios
Sustainable Design Processes Susannah Dickinson
Development of simplified and dynamic modelling of double glazing unit validated with full-scale façade element Per Heiselberg Kvols
The Daylighting Performance of Vernacular Skywell Dwellings in South-eastern China Zhongcheng Duan Lau
A Comparative Investigation on Sustainable Strategies of Vernacular Buildings and Modern Buildings in Southwest China Jialiang Wang
Building Envelope Andrew Paul Varendorff
Procedures taken for determining the luminous flux from daylight guidance systems Bruna Luz
Moisture equilibrium in straw bale walls Evrard Arnaud
Building regulations influence on sunlight penetration Mohammed Mayhoub
Guidelines for daylight guidance systems application Mohammed Mayhoub
How hybrid lighting systems can be integrated into building design? Mohammed Mayhoub
Fragmented Light Shelf Marlix Pérez González,
Daylight Design: Simulations Driven Luminaire and Controls Selection Paul Carew
Comparison of the thermal performances of radiative and convective terminals: A conceptual approach Jerome Le Dreau
Luminous Environment in Le Corbusier’s Museum Stavroula Yiannakou
Light in Seinajoki Library, Rovaniemi Library and Mount Angel Library designed by Alvar Aalto Ana Cecilia Sanchez
Poetics of light in Capuchinas Sacramentarias del Purísimo Corazón de María Chapel designed by Luis Barragan. Ana Cecilia Sanchez
Multiple interconnected openings in a ventilation shaft reduce the overall height of the shaft while maintaining the effectiveness of Natural Ventilation. Abhay Nagory
Environmental diversity in architecture using photographic and thermal imagery for the dynamic assessment of light and heat Pierre Lepine
Scientific Design of Skylights: The Case of an Office Building in Gelves, Seville José Manuel Almodóvar Melendo
Energy Thermal Redesign of a Bioclimatic School through Monitoring and Simulation Soledad Orce Schwarz
Hygrothermal, Lighting and Energy Behavior. Analysis of Two Apartments in Residential Buildings Located in the City of La Plata, Argentina. Maria Re Guillermina
Constructive Standards for Adapted Thermal Performance of Educational Buildings in Chile Felipe Ossio
Experimental Measurements on Thermal Transmittance of the Opaque Vertical Walls in the Historical Buildings Valeria Pracchi
Educational Architecture: Evaluation of and Proposals for Visual Comfort in the Indoor Environment Aimilios Michael
Solar and internal gains in low-energy and passive houses Geoffrey van Moeseke
Daylighting performance of naturally-ventilated subtropical multi-residential tower buildings Veronica Garcia-Hansen
Daylight and Opening in Traditional Houses in Yazd, Iran Faezeh Nabavi +
The Potential of an Innovative Sunlight System to Improve Luminous Comfort in Buildings Jose Roberto Garcia
Utilization of Combined Daylighting Techniques for Enhancement of Natural Lighting Distribution in Clear-Sky Residential Desert Buildings Hanan M. Sabry
Application of Earth Air Heat Exchanger in composite climates Shashank Jain
The WHY house Rethinking the Passivhaus Standard in a subtropical climate Mili Kyropoulou
Design strategies applied to classroom's daylight design: Optimization of classrooms design Maria Beatriz Piderit
Solar radiation protections on façades: a case study in a hot semi-humid climate Adriana Lira-Oliver
Sustainable Architecture in Hot Regions: The SURE-Africa Project Manuel Correia Guedes
It's time we calculate CO2 emissions of academic research: coherent field work approach Manuel Correia Guedes
Education for sustainability: Implementation of energy and environment curricula in architecture training Jose Guerra Ramirez
The potential use of pneumatic envelopes in existing buildings retrofitting Alberto Gomez Gonzalez
Teaching Samrt Energy Design & Management in Buildings Laure Itard
The ‘Poetics of Space’ by Daylight in the Frame of Environmental Design Principles for a Mixed-Use Dwelling Seda Kacel
Teaching Sustaintability Strategies in the Architectural Design Silvia Morel Correa
Teaching Sustainability in Design Without Greenwashing Ulrike Heine
Stakeholder Participation in Urbanism Project: The Experience of Workshop Methodology Timo Marquez Arreaza
Education Towards Environmentally Responsible Future – Low Energy and Passive Architecture for Schools and Kindergartens Barbara Widera
The Art of Eco-frames: Lessons of Innovative Eco-Fabrication in the Design Studio Cristian Suau
Teaching the architecture of lightness: Setting opportunities for new urban configurations Sergio Rinaldi
Sustainability in the Official Curriculum of the Architecture Programs in Latin America Alexander Gonzalez Castano
Sustainability as an "Institution" within Educational Organization of Training in Architecture, in Latin America Alexander Gonzalez Castano
EDUCATE! Sustainable Environmental Design in Architectural Education and Practice Sergio Altomonte
Transforming and Benchmarking a LEED certified University building into a Net-Zero-Energy Building in the Subtropics Thomas Spiegelhalter
The Teaching of Bioclimatic Architecture Luis Fernando Espinoza Castillo
Domestic Water End-Uses and Water Conservation in Multi-Storey Buildings in the Federal District, Brazil Daniel Sant'ana
Q.I. for Hospital Spaces Angela Giovanna Leuzzi
The ventilation shaft: An alternative passive cooling strategy for high-rise residential buildings in hot-humid climates Pimolsiri Prajongsan
Active roof cooling of Atria Derek Vissers
Development and experimental evaluation of a vertical solar air collector for heating of buildings Jose Eduardo Quiñonez
Thermal Evaluation and Modeling of a Double-pass Solar Collector For Air Heating Silvina Mariana Gonzalez
Air Cooling System, a Underground Reservoir as a Heat Sink, Using the Indirect Evaporative Cooling and Cold Shadow in a Warm Sub Humid Weather Norma Cecilia Serrano
Thermal Comfort and Energy Performance of Social Housing in Hot-Dry Climates Jose Manuel Ochoa
A Comparative Investigation on Sustainable Strategies of Vernacular Buildings and Modern Buildings in Southwest China Yehao Song
Roof Mounted Wind Turbines: The influence of roof shape, building height and urban location on wind speed Islam Abohela
Evaluating the Relationship among Spatial Structure, Surface Temperature, and Residents’ Behavior in the Alleys of Early Modern Tokyo Masahito Takata
Straw bale houses in a moderate climate - Adaptable to meet future energy performance requirements? Griet Verbeeck
Chawls in Mumbai: An inherent idiom of sustainable community, architecture and lifestyle Saurabh Barde
Performance Integrated Design of Low-cost Housing in Chile Maureen Trebilcock
A Column of Time: an Ecological Tower for Taiwan Pablo La Roche Lopez
Some Dutch examples of sustainable school concepts towards Plus energy schools Wim Zeiler
Green vs. Sustainability Performance Assessment: A case study of an office building in Putrajaya, Malaysia Zalina Shari
Learning from the Past: Environmental Aspects of the Traditional Architecture of Arequipa, Peru Jose Manuel Almodovar Melendo
Comparative Analysis of Appropriated Architecture and Vernacular Buildings: A Case Located in Arid-Seismic Habitat of Argentina Irene Alicia Blasco Lucas
A Center Office for BL Tsukuba Research Complex -Integrated design for a sustainable building Yuichiro Kodama
Pathways to reach the net zero energy building: The waste treatment centre in Mercabarna, Barcelona. case study Ezequiel Uson Guardiola
“Ekó house”: behaviour evaluation in different Brazilian climatic conditions. Andrea Invidiata
Preliminary Design of a Solar Photovoltaic System: a Case Study in Public School in Southern Brazil Raphaela Walger Fonseca
Pearl Academy of Fashion Manit Rastogi
Swisswoodhouse, an innovative concept for sustainable modular housing Emmanuel Rey
Integration of sustainability issues into the design process of a temporary event infrastructure Loic Fumeaux Vivien
Five Levels of Sustainable Design Aesthetics: Perceiving and appreciating developmental complexity Mark Dekay
The mixed use residential building: A solution for Mediterranean Chilean cities declared saturated in terms of airborne Pollution. Gabriela Armijo
Evaluation of 0-materials house design Ronald Rovers
Verification of the Effects of Energy Conservation Provided by the Free-cooling System in Cold Regions Koki Kikuta
Conductive Cooling Using Underground Buried Pipes Low Energy Cooling Systems for Providing Comfort to Workers in an Industrial Building Jose Roberto Garcia
Incidence of architectural configuration on energy efficiency of dwellings in the centre-south of Chile Flavio Celis Damico
LEED Certification in Colombia Alexander Gonzalez Castano
Aesthetics Of Vernacular Architecture Milica Jovanovic Popovic,
Housing Prototypes in Traiguén: Energy efficiency in a wooden house: the case of a prototype in Traiguén, Chile. Constructive applications from the Fondef Investigation "La Buena Casa" Waldo Bustamante
Assessment of the behaviour of ‘courtyards’ as a design element in India and its implication as an environmental solution Mohammed Patherya
Plus-Energy Building - Designing with Exergy-Entropy Processes Thomas Spiegelhalter
Microclimatic Effect of Vegetation for Different Leaf Area Index - LAI Paula Shinzato
Feasibility of Using Green Roofs in Mato Grosso State – Brazil Joao Sanches Machado
Simulations of the Influence of the Vegetation in the Urban Microclimate in Carmen Alto Place, Arequipa Gamaliel Velarde Romero
Fog_Hive©: 3D Fog Collection in the Coastal Atacama Desert Cristian Suau
Environmentally Responsible Architecture in Temperate and Colder Climate Barbara Widera