Since 1982 PLEA has organised international conferences and events across the globe. This page provides access to details of recent conferences and a comprehensive list of all conferences held to date.





Passive low energy architecture – design to thrive
Edinburgh conference 3rd to 5th July 2017


Past Conferences


Passive and low energy architecture
Los Angeles conference 11th to 13th July 2017



Architecture in (R)evolution
Bologna conference 9th to 11th September 2017


Current Conference


Sustainable Habitat for Developing Societies
Ahmedabad City December 16th - 18th 2014



Sustainable architecture for a renewable future








Towards an environmentally responsible architecture
Lima, Peru 7th - 9th November 2012



Architecture and Sustainable Development
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium July 13th-15th

Architecture and Sustainable Development – more than energy and bio-construction. PLEA’s 27th conference and the 30th Anniversary of PLEA.

2011 Proceedings Vol1

2011 Proceedings Vol2



Architecture, Energy and the Occupant’s Perspective
Québec City, Canada June 22-24

The PLEA2009 Conference addressed passive low energy architecture through occupants’ perspective at the urban and building scales. Although major breakthroughs in sustainable architecture stem from technological solutions bridging material properties and energy flows, the aim of the conference was to position users’ behaviour as a key ‘active’ determinant of energy performance in passive design given some adaptive opportunities. Building under extreme climate represents a particular challenge for designers and users since the underlying paradigm of energy conservation and exclusive operation mode dramatically reduces the extent of selective strategies otherwise available under more temperate climes.

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Towards Zero Energy Building
University College Dublin, Ireland 22nd - 24th October

2008 represents PLEA’s 25th anniversary and the conference will take place at UCD, Ireland from the 22nd to the 24th October 2008 with the theme ‘Towards Zero Energy Building’. At a time of great change in building design it promises to be a milestone in the advance of passive and low energy architecture.
PLEA 2008 extends an invitation to you to come to Dublin and engage in what promises to be an active, lively and timely event.
2008 Archive Site



Sun, Wind and Architecture

Singapore November 22-24

Our 24th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA 2007) in conjunction with International PLEA took place at the Department of Architecture, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore from November 22nd to 24th, 2007.

PLEA 2007 comprised of a Design Symposium and Workshops run by practising architects and engineers, as well as 105 paper and 50 poster presentations. 250 delegates registered, mostly international architects, building professionals and scientists from over 35 countries, and shared their expertise related to the conference theme ‘Sun, Wind and Architecture’.

Overall, PLEA 2007 achieved its mission in:
1. Placing Singapore on the world map of sustainable architecture and urban design
2. Providing visions and solutions to tackle global climate change
3. Enriching the general PLEA mission with a unique tropical Asian flavor

2007 Archive Site



Clever Design, Affordable Comfort: A challenge for low energy architecture and urban planning

Geneva, Switzerland September 6–8

The topic of the 23rd Passive and Low Energy Architecture Conference (PLEA 2006), “Clever Design and Affordable Comfort: A challenge for low energy architecture and urban planning” is to emphasise the importance of considerations and experiences that favour the development of an intelligent, sustainable environment, accessible to all.

2006 Archive site for the proceedings



Environmental Sustainability: The Challenge of Awareness in Developing Societies

Beirut, Lebanon November 13–16

Geographical location, climatic considerations and topography are some of the elements that make Lebanon an ideal place to pursue energy conservation in architecture. Energy sources such as solar, hydraulic and wind power are abundant in Lebanon but unexploited to its full capacity. The Mediterranean climate zone is the closest to an ideal climate. Passive energy concepts have not yet fulfilled their potentials in Lebanon. Even though serious efforts are being considered by the private and public sectors, practical implementation of these concepts are reticent. PLEA in Lebanon will serve as the catalyst to merge new forms of architecture that will interact with climate responsive design.
2005 Conference Proceedings Vol 1

2005 Conference Proceedings Vol 2



Built environments and environmental buildings

Eindhoven, The Netherlands September 19-22

In this age we have to make the step towards a balanced resource management and a renewable energy based society. Since the building sector is consuming about 40% of these resources, architects have a vital role in this process. And not only in avoiding the climate change or depletion of resources. Climate change is already happening, so there will also be a role for architects in adapting the built environment to the changing climate. PLEA 2004 will show the international efforts in this respect, and it will be the moment to define common goals and directions to establish sustainable buildings and sustainable environments and prepare input in this respect for the UIA conference in 2005 in Istanbul.

The original conference website is no longer on line but this Proceedings allows PDFs to be downloaded



Rethinking development : Are we producing a people oriented habitat?

Santiago, Chile November 9-12

Almost three decades after the 1973 energy crisis, considerable scientific and technological knowledge has been made available for the rational use of resources and for the reduction of environmental impacts. Sustainable development has thus arisen as a necessary goal but remains curbed by economical, social, cultural and other interests. A revision of progress during the 20th century and rapid improvements in communication technology move us to question the future path to follow, particularly in large cities. Is the built environment being shaped by conscious designers or by the dominant consumption and production patterns? Are emergent countries reproducing the mistakes made in developed countries? Are past experience and local culture being lost in current knowledge? Is architectural practice, research and teaching effectively producing more pleasant build environments? PLEA 2003 has been held in the city of Santiago de Chile, at 33°30′ south latitude: a meeting to discuss, learn from and identify visions and experiences oriented towards a new role of architectural practice in the creation and improvement of the build environment.



Design with the environment

Toulouse, France July

Concern for the environment should necessarily lead to different design methods and generate a real change of our habits, skills and working attitudes. Designers can no longer ignore that environmental quality will become a major issue in the years to come. Environment-induced constraints and opportunities should be considered from the early design stages to be fully integrated and to avoid a mere cladding of engineered systems. To improve the quality of urban and architectural projects, environmental criteria and issues must be a part of the entire design process. The 19th PLEA conference in Toulouse, France, will contribute to establish “design with the environment” as a mandatory condition for urban and architectural quality.



Renewable energy for a sustainable development of the built environment

Florianópolis, Brazil November 7th-9th

If the last decade was known as the decade of quality, the incoming ones will certainly be dedicated to environmental aspects, worlwide denominated as Sustainable Development. Any energy planning activity intended to be truly compatible with the accomplishment of a sustainable built environment must, in the long term, be based mainly on the exploit of renewable energy resources. The nature is our strength. For present and future societies to be able to prosper, sustainable development will have to be realized sooner or later. It is our task to make it come sooner rather than later. Our role is to act as catalysts for change, accelerating the adoption of sustainable practices.



Architecture, City, Environment

Cambridge, UK July 2nd-5th

This 17th PLEA international conference addresses sustainable design with regard to architecture, city and environment at the turn of the millennium. The central aim of the conference is to explore the interrelationships and integration of architecture, city and environment. The location of the conference in the centre of the historic yet progressive University City of Cambridge provides an ideal setting for the conference theme.


Sustaining the future : Energy-Ecology-Architecture

Brisbane, Australia


Environmentally friendly cities

Lisbon, Portugal June

The 15th Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) conference considered the issues of sustainability and environmental friendliness at the city scale. Some 150 papers address the many and varied questions faced by architects and planners in reducing the impact on the environment of cities and their buildings.


Sustainable Communities and Architecture: Bioclimatic Design in Cold Climates

Kushiro, Japan


Building and urban renewal

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium


Sustainability through climate responsive architecture

New Delhi, India


Architecture of the extremes

Dead Sea, Israel


Architectural responses to climate change

Auckland, NZ


Architecture and urban space

Sevilla, Spain


Bioclimatic design in architecture and planning

Halifax, Canada


Global environment and architecture in the post-industrial age

Nara, Japan


Energy and buildings for temperate climates

Porto, Portugal


Passive and low energy architecture in housing

Pécs, Hungary


Architecture and regionalism

Venice, Italy


Passive and low energy ecotechniques applied to housing



Passive and low energy architecture



Passive and low energy alternatives



Meeting to inaugurate PLEA


Other Events


Symposium on Urban Futures






PLEA session at ISES conference

Harare, Zimbabwe


Teachers in architecture, co-sponsored with TIA

Firenze, Italy


PLEA session at ISES conference

Budapest, Hungary


Solar energy and buildings, co-sponsored with the Academy of Athens & the European Commission

Athens, Greece


PLEA study tour

Arizona, USA